Useful Links


Redbubble Site
Link to my Redbubble site; this is an additional source where you can buy various premium prints/mounts and so on.
RJS pho·tog·ra·phy on Flickr
My Flickr presence, somewhere where I have met many great friends - both online and in actual real life! :)
Bob Small on Twitter
I use Twitter to blog my shots too - and you'll find the odd other comment there too (although not, I hasten to add, a commentary on my day to day life!!)

Local Areas

Everything Exmoor
Everything Exmoor is a free encyclopaedia, built by the community and business of Exmoor classifieding information on every aspect of life in the Exmoor National Park. It gathers knowledge of Exmoor in one place and signposts readers to web sites containing more detailed information.


Steve Spraggon Photography
Steve is a friend who I met through Flickr a couple of years back - he has a knack for finding the right place and right time to compose beautiful images of our wonderful countryside. Have a look, you won't be disappointed!
Simon Small Photography
The clue is in the name! Yes, 'togging is a family interest, drop by my brother's site and have a look at his take on the world!
Big Shot Fotos
Sina is another of my Flickr contacts - although he's a little further away than others, in Canada! Sina has constant quality on his site and Flickr, always great to see his work.
Nick Pound Photography
Nick is another of the local 'togs who has a real eye for the special and interesting sights in the local area - sometimes it's hard to believe some of the exotic shots are just up the road!
Exmoor Landscape Photography by Dave Rowlatt
Here's another south-west photographer who captures the essence and beauty of the countryside, and the wonderful Exmoor National Park.
Hillview Photogrpahy
A great photo-blog from Jay, a fellow sunrise/sunset chaser! He has an eye for the landscape but his motorsport shots are top notch too....
MDC Photographic
Yep, another fine local photographer who became a contact on Flickr (there's a theme here...). Mark uses light in fantastic ways and creates amazing images of scenes across the South West.
Pics for You
A fab site of wonderful images from a friend in Kent, England - enjoy the galleries as I have!
Nature's Best Photography
In common with a lot of my 'tog friends, I met Ian and Ann through FLickr. They both have a great eye for both Landscape and Nature photography and their new site is a 'must view'!